Janor Sports is a Team Sports Specialist and Event Merchandising Leader. Janor Sports is proud to serve teams, schools, clubs, organizations, events, festivals, coaches, administrators, parents, students and fans.

Janor Sports is based in Naperville, IL. Janor Sports specializes in team spirit apparel, high school letterman jackets, athletic uniforms and equipment, physical education uniforms, high school cheer and dance jackets, team sunglasses, and corporate apparel and promotions.

Janor Sports operates its team business throughout Northern Illinois, and its event merchandising business in twelve different states, including Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Janor Sports is an active supporter of non-profit organizations in the communities it serves, and will continue to aggressively expand into new markets.

OUR DESIGNS Janor Sports

Niles West Track Saint Francis Wrestling Saint Francis Lacrosse Saybrook Sharks Depaul Volleyball Schaumburg Baseball running cap Pipeline Ultimate Volleyball Club Metea Football Plainfield East Dance Naperville Central Redhawks Glenbard South Dance Kish Saint Francis Lacrosse Metea Valley Men's Volleyball Fox Valley Royals Joliet West Soccer Schaumburg Baseball Willowbrook XC Illinois Rockets Mill St. School Wheatland Ducks Illinois Mens Volleyball Neuqua Dance Neuqua Boys Soccer Naperville Central Baseball Schaumburg Softball Carl Sandburg Bowling Naperville Central Volleyball Gildan Tshirt Naperville North Cross Country WWS Wrestling Lake Forest Baseball Park Ridge Pistols Metea Valley Soccer Plainfield East Dance Carl Sandburg Girls Track & Field Illinois Volleyball Glen Ellyn Golden Eagles WWS Wrestling Oswego Softball Saybrook Sharks Schaumburg Baseball Willowbrook Basketball North Soccer Niles West Basketball Blazers Baseball Lions Jrs SFHS Senior Wheaton North Cheer Club One Volleyball Metea Track Blazers Baseball Ultimate Volleyball Athens Baseball WWS tiger paw Wrestling Back Plainfield East Wrestling Minooka Soccer logo Illinois Rockets First Alliance Plainfield East Boys Track Prospects Wheaton North Softball Hinsdale Central Girls Volleyball ACC Embroidery Neuqua Tennis Elgin Baseball Pipeline MV Gymnastics Willowbrook Soccer PN Wrestling Falcon Volleyball Minooka Girls Volleyball Minooka Volleyball Hickory Creek Glenbard South Wrestling Sandburg Track Rochester Rockets logo Hickory Creek Basketball Glen Ellyn Rugby Naperville Central Football WWS Boys Soccer sfhs wrestling Glenbard South Dance WWS gymnastics Metea Cross Country Sport Center Tennis Sandburg Bass Fishing Manhattan XC Diamond Kings Baseball Andrew Golf WN Girls Volleyball Waubonsie Softball Manhattan Volleyball Glenbard South Softball Hickory Creek logo Willowbrook Soccer shirts Plainfield East Track Hickory Creek Capital City Chaos Blazers B Wheatland Spikes Wheaton North Football Falcon Volleyball IGT Manhattan Basketball Benet Football Joliet Golf Manhattan Cheer Illinois Rockets GDUSA Schaumburg Water Polo Fremd Bowling Schaumburg Girls Track Schaumburg Baseball Metea Special Olympics Winfield Wolves Baseball Schaumburg Badminton Glenbard South Dance Ducks Baseball JAAG 1 Mudhens Park Ridge Hawks Benet Volleyball logo Ducks D Plainfield South Bowling Hinsdale Central Girls Volleyball Phi Chi Theta Manhattan Volleyball Blazers Baseball WWS Soccer Saint Francis Basketball Minooka Boys Volleyball Illinois Volleyball Metea Cross Country Metea Valley Football Romeoville Spartan Baseball Glenbard South Basketball Mustache Dache Prospects WWS Soccer WWS Boys Soccer Illinois Rockets Schaumburg Swim Niles West Basketball Gordon Tech Volleyball WWS Soccer West Chicago Basketball Glenbard South Dance AC Eagles Rochester Soccer Willowbrook Basketball Athens Baseball Neuqua Soccer Edison Ridgewood Rebels Softball Saint Francis Football SFHS Vball2 West Chicago Basketball Schaumburg Track Metea Band WWS Volleyball Ultimate Volleyball WWS Cross Country Metea Badminton Barrington High School Willowbrook Wrestling Metea Football Herget Logo WWS Girls Basketball Aurora Christian Baseball WN Boys Soccer Manhattan Volleyball WWS Cross Country Game Day All Star Tefft Logo A Naperville North Basketball DHS Logo Ultimate Manhattan Track Streamwood Track Sandburg Men's Soccer Plainfield East Wrestling Manhattan Demons logo Glenbard West Baseball Plainfield East Wrestling Neuqua PE Oswego Volleyball Plainfield East Softball WWS Girls Volleyball SFHS Vball1 Badger Pro Heather Sport 1/4 Zip Hickory Creek Basketball Plainfield East Dance Holloway Shift Polo Naperville Central Football Metea Cross Country Schaumburg Baseball Metea Orchesis Illinois Trojans WWS Track dace Fremd Girls Track Sandburg Women's Volleyball Wheaton Rams Football Manhattan Basketball Hickory Creek Basketball Oswego Softball Barbs WN Wrestling Warren Football Minooka Volleyball Plainfield East Wrestling Conant VB Metea Head Illinois Volleyball Minooka Girls Volleyball WWS baseball Naperville Central Tennis ACC Metea Volleyball Saint Francis Lacrosse acc logo Schaumburg Track & Field Plainfield East Football Basketball Metea Football SFHS Vball3 Niles West Softball Stingers Glenbard West Soccer WN Boys Soccer logo West Chicago Softball Highland Park 3 Plainfield North Golf NVC sf wrestle Peotone Cheerleading Minooka Boys Volleyball Tiger Volleyball Pipeline Volleyball Wheatland Wizards Benet Orchesis stein Neuqua Soccer Metea Valley Volleyball Argo Volleyball Streamwood Boys Track & Field Minooka Soccer Hickory Creek Willowbrook Music Niles West Basketball Metea Valley Staff Wheaton North Wrestling Willowbrook Poms Fremd Girls Track Schaumburg Athletics logo disney Naperville North Track Carl Sandburg Girls Track & Field WWS Track Logo on black WWS Boys Soccer Wheaton Rams Naperville North Track Peotone Cheerleading Neuqua Dance Schaumburg Baseball Schaumburg Track & Field Plainfield East Dance Plainfield East Wrestling Plainfield East Baseball Illinois Mens Volleyball Glenbard South Softball Glenbard West Baseball Andrew Orchesis Glen Ellyn Bulldogs Lacrosse Benet Lacrosse Waubonsie Volleyball Fremd Dance Niles West Softball Sanburg Track Club One Volleyball North Shore Elite Wheaton North Soccer Plainfield East Badminton High Performance Tennis LW East Oswego Volleyball Mill St. School Illinois Womens Volleyball Blazers Baseball logos WWS Cross Country West Sub. Water Polo Wrestling front Fox Valley Royals Peotone Cheerleading Sandburg XC Glenbard South Basketball Plainfield East Softball Plainfield East Track Glen Ellyn Philies wrestling WWS Badminton WN Falcon Sports Network Tiger Volleyball JAAG 2 Andrew Bass Fishing softball 2 Metea Golf Metea Golf Hinsdale South Wrestling Glenbard South Basketball Illinois Rockets Schaumburg Swimming Fremd Lacrosse Schaumburg Water Polo Plainfield East Badminton Niles West Poms NW Basketball Hickory Creek Neuqua Tennis logo Minooka Volleyball Plainfield East Basketball Manhattan Basketball LW Eat Athletics Schaumburg Girls Track Wheaton North Volleyball Bentley Lions Saint Francis Lacrosse Hickory Creek NVC Carl Sandburg Bowling Plainfield East Badminton Saint Francis Football WWS Cross Country NW Poms Plainfield East Boys Track Highlands (Navy) Schaumburg Basketball Warthog Rugby Embroidery Niles North Softball Hickory Creek Schaumburg Baseball Saint Francis Football ACC Basketball Wheaton North Wrestling Warren Football Metea Football dache softball 3 Glen Ellyn Phillies Schuamburg Badminton Illinois Rockets Illinois Mens Volleyball Lincoln Staff Hobson Pre-School Willowbrook Music Waubonsie Track Waubonsie Track Glenbard South Wrestling West Chicago Softball Plainfield East Boys Track Plainfield East Track Harper Hawk Niles West Basketball logos WWS Wrestling Manhattan Basketball Scott School WWS Boys Soccer Glenbard South Volleyball Geneva Feeder Northwest Maddogs Saint Joan Of Arc Plainfield East Track Metea Volleyball Waubonsie Band GDUSA Waubonsie Hocket Schaumburg Swimming Saint Joan Of Arc Schaumburg PE Metea Golf Glen Ellyn Golden Eagles St. Joseph Wrestling DHS Logo Fremd Dance Plainfield East Wrestling Softball logo 1 Fremd Tennis WWS Volleyball Naperville Chargers logo Edison Benet Baseball Fremd Lacrosse Blazers B Illinois Mens Volleyball WWS Track Band Logo Argo Girls Volleyball beanie logo Illinois Men's Volleyball Manhattan Circle Royal Manhattan Staff Fearn Falcons logo Plainfiled East Volleyball Woodridge Bulldogs Ultimate Volleyball Metea Football Andrew Bass Fishing Manhattan D Royal Willowbrook Football Manhattan Demons Plainfield East Soccer Aurora Christian Basketball golf West Chicago Badminton Saint Francis Football WWS Badminton GBN 3 Color Logo GBN Logo logo Metea Orchesis jaag 3 Schaumburg Softball Minooka Soccer logo Ultimate Metea Boys Track logo Ducks wrestling Barbs Baskeball jacket Fremd Tennis Neuqua Soccer Willowbrook Basketball Plainfield East Boys Track WWS Bass Tiger Volleyball RLB Highland Park Crone Middle School Illinois Rockets Wheatland Wizards Highland Park 2 logo Plainfield East Boys Track Schaumburg Softbal Hickory Creek Cheerleading Wheaton North Volleyball Illinois Womens Volleyball SFHS Basketball Dache Carl Sandburg Baseball Metea Soccer WWS Tennis logo logo 1st Alliance TP Naperville Central Lacrosse Glen Ellyn Baseball Manhattan Basketball TP Ultimate VBC Washington Soccer Sanburg Tack Naperville Central Softball Naperville North Water Polo Logo on Blue Waubonsie Cross Country Maine East Baseball Plainfield East Softball Gregory Pinoneers Ultimate Volleyball Argo Womens Volleyball Carl Sandburg Girls Track & Field Lions Jrs sfhs vball5 Plainfield South Bowling Sandburg Men's Soccer Highland Park WWS Tiger Paw Ultimate Volleyball Club Plainfield East Track Oswego Volleyball sfhs vball6 Minooka Girls Soccer Montini Baseball Schaumburg Track Wheaton Sport Center Niles West Cross Country Plainfield East Softball tank top Jr. Cougars Wrestling Lincoln Way Lacrosse Metea Girls Volleyball Lisle Dragons Blazers Baseball ACC Logo Sandburg Fishing Glen Ellyn Golden Eagles Plainfield East Girls Basketball Glen Ellyn Phillies Metea Football St. Francis Golf Minooka Boys Volleyball Saint Charles East Volleyball Willowbrook FVB Wheaton North Football ACC Strong Ducks Oswego East Soccer Herget Middle School Carl Sandburg Bass Fishing Willowbrook Softball Carl Sandburg Baseball Schaumburg Wheaton Rams Park Ridge Baseball Softball Hickory Creek Schaumburg Baseball Washington Wildcats Schaumburg Tennis Metea Cross Country WWS Girls Track Gordon Tech Soccer Schuamburg Track Minooka Volleyball WWS Wrestling Club One Metea Volleyball Glenbard South Softball Metea Valley Football WWS Boys Volleyball logos Benet LAX Peotone Cheerleading Glenbard South Cheerleading Wheaton North Volleyball Phi Chi Theta Ultimate Volleyball Geneva Feeder Maine East Baseball Fearn Falcons Park Ridge Warriors Plainfield East Softball Carl Sandburg Bowling Peotone Cheerleading Aurora Christian Football Wheaton North Schaumburg Girls Track Timothy Christian HS Herget Huskies Schaumburg logo Schaumburg Baseball Minooka Girls Volleyball WWS Cross Country Wiliamsville Volleyball Metea Band Wheaton North Softball Metea Football Parkwood Elmentary Huntley Illinois Mens Volleyball Neuqua Valley Soccer Illinois Rockets Glenbard West Volleyball WWS Basketball Andrew Bass Fishing Wheatland Spikes Wheaton Briarcliffe Blazers wrestling Schaumburg Swim Plainfield South Bowling Metea Baseball High Performance Academy logo WWS Girls Soccer Willowbrook Music Minooka Volleyball Metea Girls Volleyball Benet Football Ridgewood Rebels Manhattan Athletics Schaumburg Baseball jacket Downers Grove South Volleyball Metea Football Metea Boys Volleyball WWS Cross Country WWS Boys Track Schaumburg Badminton Minooka Soccer Rochester Rockets Andrew Golf Manhattan Track Metea Valley Football Neuqua Soccer Streamwood Maddogs Metea Valley Football WWS Wrestling Schaumburg Baseball Metea Volleyball wrestling Saint Charles East Volleyball Fremd Tennis wn Lacrosse Barbs Plainfield East Football Glen Ellyn Golden Eagles WWS baseball Ellsworth Metea Volleyball Schaumburg Baseball Kish Logo WV Baseball Fremd Tennis Logo on Gray Manhattan Cheer Peotone Cheerleading WN Vball Hickory Creek Basketball JAAG Glen Ellyn Bulldogs Illinois Rockets Sandburg Men's Soccer Fremd Golf Glenbard West Baseball Fox Valley Royals PNHS Embroidery Metea Volleyball Barbs Basketball Manhattan Demons WWS Basketball Kish Logo Carl Sandburg Baseball Hickory Creek Middle School Willowbrook Manhattan Basketball WWS Boys Track Streamwood Girls Track & Field Edison Panthers West Chicago Badminton Sandburg Plainfield North Golf Benet Football WWS Boys Soccer WWS Track Glenbard South Wrestling Gordon Tech Willowbrook Poms sf WWS Boys Soccer Glenbard South Dance WWS Boys Track Willowbrook Volleyball Illinois Mens Volleyball WWS Cross Country Plainfield North Golf Fearn Falcons Benet LAX Manhattan Athletics Niles Slammers Minooka Soccer Ultimate Volleyball SFHS vball4 Athens Warriors Metea Bowling Ducks Baseball Saint Francis Basketball Warren Football Park Ridge Pistols logo Lancer Soccer Naperville North Cross Country Minooka Volleyball Saint Francis Lacrosse Naperville Central Volleyball Waubonsie Lacrosse WWS Track Gordon Tech Track St. Francis Golf Lions Jrs Streamwood Track Illinois Womens Volleyball Plainfield East Softball wrestling Manhattan Basketball Kish logo Plainfield South Bowling Hersey Orchesis Team 12-23 Manhattan XC Saint Francis Plainfield East Track WWS boys volleyball Illinois Rockets Metea Track Aurora Christian Cross Country SFHS Basketball PS Bowling Lakeview Soccer Skyline Volleyball wrestling Park Ridge Pistols Hickory Creek Volleyball Plainfield East Wrestling Benet Lacrosse Park Ridge Baseball Softball Hickory Creek Basketball Hickory Creek Basketball Prospect Training PS Bowling WWS Track

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